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She was detained by border control because of the extremely effective anti-aging moisturizer developed by her daughter

Thanks to an odd incident at Dallas International Airport, people discovered an incredible scientific breakthrough in facial rejuvenation and anti-aging , developed by a simple American girl to make her aging mother happy.

An incredible story has recently happened at Dallas International Airport. Border police officers detained a 54-year-old woman checking in for a Texas - Singapore flight. According to the enforcement officers, the photo in the passport did not seem to resemble the face of the passport holder.

Despite the protests of the woman who tried to prove that the passport belongs to her and that the changes in her appearance occurred a few weeks ago when she started using the anti-aging facial cream developed by her daughter, a brilliant university student, the staff did not believe her and detained for further investigation.

"We strictly followed the instructions. The photograph in the passport showed a completely different person, about 15 years older than the actual person. What was most confusing is that the passport was issued just recently, about two months ago. As far as I know, even plastic surgery is not able to give such quick results. This was very suspicious. And for the security of our country, we had to double check"

Gabriela Casey (Border Police Officer, Dallas International Airport)

However, apparently, there is a product that provides quick results even without surgery! And it was invented by a simple American student who wanted to help her mother look and feel younger again!

Hi, Anne! Could you please tell us how you managed to create such an effective anti-aging product that the airport officers didn’t believe that your mother was not the person on the photograph in her passport?

- All I wanted to do is to thank my amazing mom for raising me and investing all her energy and time in my upbringing ... My father left us when I was very young. Those were very sad times. Mom raised me on her own ... It was hard for her, she worked 2 jobs to pay for my education. For many years, she was the only one providing for our family. Can you imagine how hard it was? Constant stress and pressure takes a toll on your health, and indeed you age faster. She was only 54, but she looked much older than her age. Naturally, men didn’t give her a lot of attention and she was lonely. It's hard enough to start your romantic life after a divorce especially at an older age. She never wanted to date another guy till I was 18! She was incredibly dedicated to giving me the life she never had, and I owe her everything

Did you try to help her?

- Of course. How could I possibly watch my mother to be so unhappy and to do nothing! After all, 54 years is not old at all! This is the age when people only begin to live for themselves and get their personal lives sorted! I really wanted to help my mother and I decided to look for an effective anti-aging product in order to restore her beauty and self-confidence. However, neither pharmacies nor beauty salons offer a really good anti-aging product which is also affordable. Surgery was not an option since it was way out of my budget and there are ALWAYS some sort of complications with that they never tell you about. It's not for common people like us!

So, you decided to develop your own product?

- Absolutely, I’m a pharmacy student. Soon I will graduate from the university and become a certified pharmacist. I had knowledge about the normal anti-aging ingredients used in most beauty products like Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Niacin and so on. I used only natural ingredients and created my own product!

The first results were simply stunning! The best instance is my mom’s story. This trip to Singapore was my birthday present for her. I earned some money and I decided to spoil her by sending her on a solo trip so she could rest and relax, and perhaps meet someone. It was her first flight abroad, and her passport was issued just 28-30 days before departure. Can you imagine how much her face must have changed during this short time that even the airport staff did not believe her? The effect of the anti-aging moisturizer I developed was shocking, but believe me, this was a very positive shock. Thanks to my product, my mother now looks younger and more attractive, and this is very important for a woman. I am very proud of my achievement!

My product is able to quickly smooth the wrinkles, even deep age-related ones. It also tightens the contour of the face, clears the bags under the eyes - this is a really rejuvenating formula. Looking at the first results, I decided to patent my formula, and I am glad I did it in time! After the patent was published, many representatives of Big Pharmaceutical companies kept ringing my number. They asked me to sell them the formula, including the rights. They would have only diluted the formula and sold it for a high mark up. That ensures that you need more and more of the same formula meaning more profits for them!

Did you agree?

- Are you joking? I developed this rejuvenating product for my mother, not for making a profit. I want other ordinary women who do not have hundreds of thousands of dollars for operations and anti-aging procedures to restore their beauty and youth on their own at home. This is the idea behind the whole thing, and I will not give up my principles. They would have just bought it and hidden it forever. They had no intention of losing their profits by releasing such a cheap and effective cream

How did you manage to organize the full-scale production? It must have required huge investments.

- I was helped by the university management. Together with our lab and research institute, we were able to establish the production of anti-aging agents in the same premises. And we even came up with a great name for it - Exfolie Face Cream

"The product developed by Anne is truly unique. The formula and ingredients are able to achieve stunning anti-aging results. The results of the first clinical trials shocked the entire university!"

Exfolie Face Cream is free of the cons of expensive brands such as harmful side effects from artificial ingredients and not to mention only a temporary effect. Exfolie Face Cream shows excellent results at any age and can be used without restrictions. Clinical trials revealed that even in women over 65 years, deep wrinkles were quickly smoothed out, dryness and sagging of the skin disappeared. Exfolie Face Cream works well for the prevention of age-related changes in both men and women from 20 years. The mask provides perfect nourishment for the skin and protects against premature aging for many years.

I can say with confidence that to date this is one of the best if not the best anti-aging product on the market"

Jameson Bonner (Senior specialist, Medical University Laboratory)

"When trying to launch our product in pharmacies, we had to deal with the opposition of large corporations. Nobody would agree to touch a well-established market by launching a product at a low price. Objectively, Exfolie Face Cream turned out to be the best anti-aging cream among all existing ones. Unfortunately, selling such an effective product at a low price was out of the question for pharmacy chains. They are first of all interested in profit. Anne was adamant on not being greedy and instead decided to sell it at a cheap price claiming that if the price is low, a lot more people will buy it and she might end up making the same profits while helping everyone out!

We made a firm decision to support Anne's strategy and instead sell Exfolie Face Cream on our own. This gave us the opportunity to sell it at a minimum price at almost cost price!."

Joseph Harvey (Head of the Research Institute)

We managed to meet Anne's mother, who laughed recalling the incident at the airport.

- How pleased I was when they did not believe me at the passport control desk! I didn’t mind I couldn’t make it to my Singapore flight. I am extremely grateful to my daughter for her generosity. I am proud of her!

Your daughter said that it was you who inspired her to develop Exfolie Face Cream.

- This is very kind of her. I remember how she brought me the first jar of Exfolie Face Cream. Back then there was no question of any mass production - it was a present designed and created by herself. I burst into tears. I was really grateful ...To be honest with you, I didn't actually believe it was going to work that well! I was just happy that my daughter was so thoughtful!

How long did it take you to get the first results?

- Not more than a month! From the moment my daughter gave me the present and until I took the flight to Singapore, I applied the product every day and was surprised by the results. I looked at least 10-15 years younger! You should try it out and see for yourself!

And it's not just about beauty. My life has changed for the better. I became more confident in myself, got a promotion at work after 8 years. Those around showed more respect and kindness. My life all of a sudden filled up with new colors! I became younger not only externally but also inside! My dating life has finally restarted. I receive attention from men who are much younger than me! Now I am a truly happy woman, and I met a man who loves me. I will not tell you his age, but he is younger than me. They say that looks do not matter, but unfortunately they do!

By the way, due to detention by the airport officers, I didn’t go on holiday. But my new boyfriend and I went on holiday together just recently! And all this became possible thanks to my daughter and her miracle Exfolie Face Cream: It’s great that this anti-aging cream will be produced here in the USA and help our women improve their appearance, become more beautiful and younger! They have the same natural ingredients which make eastern asian women look far younger than they are. Big pharmaceuticals know these ingredients but they will never sell you a product with those ingredients! God forbid they lose their surgery profits

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Important: Exfolie Face Cream has passed all clinical trials and is available for sale with delivery across the USA. However, due to the commercial success, the market is full of fake products. Moreover, it is likely that large pharmacy chains and pharmaceutical corporations counteract the sales of the new product by setting up clone sites where they sell their overpriced brands.



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